Bumicircuit PCB (M) Sdn Bhd

Bumicircuit was founded in 1996, and is well-versed in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with manufacturing a wide range of circuits from simple single-sided to complex surface-mount multi layer board. Bumicircuit has the broadest global reach of any simulation and services company on the market, 80% of annual revenues are derived from worldwide exports.

The company started with consumer product – Audio/TV and double-sided product – telecommunication in year 1996. From 2005 onwards, the company has expended the production and implemented for automotive and medical parts. Bumicircuit established a high quality clientele of over 30 major customers, whose focuses of the lighting projects in 2011 such as FR4, CEM, and metal base material.

Bumicircuit applies simulation expertise and operational experience to help customers improve efficiency, maintain readiness and solve challenging problems.